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The #SBB

The Sabor Brass Band was founded in 2007 by Clarence "Tre" Levy III, a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The SBB has grown and evolved over the years, but we have always stayed true to our "Creole Soul" roots. Our New Orleans Secondline energy is authentic and will transport you straight to the streets of the Big Easy, Baton Rouge and Acadiana. We got Who Dat spirit, with Zydeco Soul and know how to make that body reauxll!!!


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Clarence "Tre" Levy III - Bandleader Kickin' da Bass Drum - Chaneyville, La. Countryboi

Richard Gross - Slappin' da Snare - Alpharetta, Ga.

Marquis Hare - Playin' dat Saxophone - Clayton County, Ga.

Edward "9th Ward Mgmt" Platenburg - Trumpet - T-Phunky Plat - New Orleans, La. 

George Muhammad - Trumpet - T-Phunky K - Macon, Ga.

Cortrell "Goodfoot" Davis - Tuba - Honkin' dat basshone - Orange Mound, Tenn.

Mokota Turner - Trombone - SU Duke Boy - Glen Oaks, Louisiana

Chancellor "Chance" Mills - SU Duke Boy - Glen Oaks, Louisiana

Brandon Tumlin - Trombone - Jack of all brass - Atlanta, Ga.

Christoper "Cousin Chris" Allison - Durham, North Carolina - Trumpet

Matthew "Snax" Ross - Tuskeegee, AL. Snare Drum/Percussionist

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