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The #SBB

2007 -  bandleader Clarence "Tre`" Levy III found it necessary to pull together a group of musicians who could help revive and connect to the sounds of the bayous and streets of New Orleans and Southern Louisiana.  Over time, that band became known as the Sabor! Brass Band.


An extension of the SABOR! brand, The Sabor! Brass Band is just what the name describes...A band of many talents! True ambassadors of the brass band FLAVOR of Southern Louisiana!!! Made up of lifelong musicians from Baton Rouge/New Orleans, Louisiana, Memphis,Tennesee, Tuskeegee, Alabama, Atlanta, Georgia and Lima Peru, the Sabor! Brass Band brings the sounds of the Lively and Humid Creole cultured streets of Acadiana, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans to LIFE!

Clarence "Tre`" Levy III - Baton Rouge, LA. Bandleader of SABOR! bands, Vocalist and Percussionist: Clarence has played percussion from the age of 3. While earning degrees from Morehouse College and The Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Ga., Clarence has never departed from music. He is the founder of the Morehouse College Marching Band "Phunk Squad" drumline, where he has given back as a drumline instructor in past years. In 2006, Clarence founded the SABOR! band brand.


Mokota Turner - Baton Rouge, LA. Trombone: Mokota was born and raised in Baton Rouge, La. He has always lived in music and brings a unique smoothness to the Sabor! Brass Band. Mokota earned his degree from Southern University and A&M college where he marched in the world famous HUMAN JUKEBOX marching band. He completed his masters degree at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. He is Currently the Director of Bands at Snellville Middle School in Snellville, Ga. where he prepares the minds of his students to move to the next level in their musical development. Mokota and Clarence have been friends and fellow musicians since their days at Scotlandville Magnet High School in Baton Rouge, La.


Edward Platenburg Jr. - New Orleans, LA. Trumpet : Edward was born and raised in New Orleans, La. Edward, or "Ed" as most call him, started marching in Jr. High school and has been SecondLining ever since. Ed earned his degree form Morehouse College where he performed in the Morehouse College Marching band. Clarence and Edward met while in the band at Morehouse and have remained friends and fellow musicians ever since.


Nigel Burnett - Atlanta, GA., by way of Los Angeles, CA  - Tuba:  Nigel is a new addition to the Sabor! Brass Band.  While performing/filming on the set of "Alvin and the Chipmunks 4 - The RoadChip" the Sabor! Brass Band crossed paths with Nigel.  Nigel has come in and answered the call as the SBB's new walkin' bassline.  

Chancellor "Chance" Mills - Baton Rouge, La.  Trombone:  Chance is the other half of the 1-2 trombone punch that the Sabor! Brass Band brings to the street!  Chancellor earned his degree from Southern University and A&M College where he also marched in the world famous HUMAN JUKEBOX marching band.  He is currently Director of Bands at Langston Hughes High School in Atlanta where he has built a force to be reckoned with in the ATL marching band scene.  Chance and Clarence met in Junior High School, became friends, fellow musicians and have never looked back.

Matthew "Snax" Ross - Tuskeegee, AL. Snare Drum/Percussionist:  Matt is the other half of the Sabor! "Drum Set".  Matthew earned his degree from Alabama State University.  A true bandsman, Ross was a marching Hornet at ASU and has also spent years in music education as a band director.  Matt is a soulful professional and a shoe in for the Sabor! Brass band.  The rhythm, pocket, and sync between Tre and Ross is the foundation of the Sabor! Brass Gumbo.


Marquis Hare - Atlanta, GA.  Saxophonist - Marquis came to the Sabor! Brass Band under high recommendation by trombonist, Mokota Turner.  During his second on screen performance with the band on the set of the CW Television Show, "The Originals", Marquis played an impromtu solo that seemed to stop the universe for split second during a break in filming.  When the final note hit, Marquis was offered a permanent spot.  Done Deal. 

Richard Gross - Atlanta, GA. Snare Drum - Richard came to the Sabor! Brass Band by way of the Mighty, Mighty Phunk Squad.  When Tre` reached out for to Richard to perform with the Sabor! Brass Band, he answered the call.  Since then, Richard has continued to rise to the occasion and has joined the band for on screen and live performances over the years.  I master of rhythm, Richard brings a unique, savory seasoning to the gumbeaux that is Sabor! Brass Band!!!


Christoper "Cousin Chris" Allison - Durham, North Carolina - Trumpet player, Chris was a welcomed addition to the Sabor! Brass Band in 2018! Already an accomplished and professional musician working on several musical ventures, Chris' addition to the group has done nothing but elevate to the next level.  Chris is a graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga.

Cortrell "Goodfoot" Davis - Memphis, Tennessee - Wildcard - Cortrell earned his degree from Southern University and A&M College where he also marched in the world famous HUMAN JUKEBOX marching band.  He has served as band director on both the High School and Collegiate levels, and is a Jack of all Trades as a musician and performer.  From tuba, to auxiliary percussion, to steppin' to the mic to freestyle "how we put this thang together", you'll witness Mr. Davis "on the Goodfoot".

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